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two turtles dove
[71180] by "Vanessa" (   on Wed 14 Dec 2011 14:50:16     [ reply ]
Hi Tom!I like a lot the font "two turtles dove" and I'm using it as the main font on a web page I am setting up (the credits of the font will be for you, of course :D). I have a big problem because my web is written only in spanish and there is no accents in the font (spanish has them on top of the vowels).
I've searched for another one with accents to swap yours with, but I didn't find anyone as cool as yours.
So, in order to add the accents, I had the idea of taking snapshots of the words, add manually the accents in an image editing program and use them instead of your font.
I am not sure whether this could be considered as changing the font itself (as I am using images, and not building a different font using yours), but I wanted to check it out with you in first place.


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