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ominous dream
[78316] by "proxy" (155-186-072-234.dhcp.chtrptr.net)   on Wed 19 Jul 2017 00:49:17     [ reply ]
usually when I have "premonition" dream nothing happens cause this world is mundane and boring

but last night I had this creepy dream where I was watching a movie and and the fbi warning comes on but actually it says "YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS" because I made a VHS copy of the DVD or something absurd like that and there is some technology so that results in a cursed copy and I'm watching it and the warning fades and there is some kind of cursed animated message about my dad which I think is really funny and then I wake up, in the real world, and my parents and I are all in my brother's guest room, and he gets up to do something in the darkness and trips and falls and makes a huge racket!!!!!!!!!

he's okay though

still pretty spooky though

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