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re: MacOS vst?
[79326] by "Sophia" (   on Sat 25 Sep 2021 15:30:44     reply ] [ up ]
Thanks Lars. I am definitely curious to look into why things like BlueCat Patchwork and ImageLine Minihost are not working with our AUs. We may not have capacity to support everything, but if there are shortcuts out there that could extend support, certainly want to at least try figuring those out...
re: MacOS vst?
[79337] by "Sophia" (   on Mon 27 Sep 2021 22:05:32     reply ] [ up ]
Okay I downloaded the latest version of BlueCat Patchwork and I could load AUs of ours without a problem. Could you perhaps give a little more information about the setup and what goes wrong? What exactly does the error message say? And what steps are you taking up until that error shows? Which AUs of ours? Are you loading the VST2 or VST3 Patchwork plugin? The synth or effect version of the Patchwork plugin?