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[27043] by "DeLorean" (   on Tue 07 Oct 2003 00:44:28     reply ] [ top ]
Wow, I don't even know how to begin. Tonight, 10/6/2003, LJ and myself played a game of Scribble that will, in all likelihood, *never* be broken points-wise. We completely annihilated the old scoring record (of which I bragged a few weeks ago) by 101 points!

We scored 1709. You read that right. Seventeen hundred and nine.

If you'd like to see an absolute clinic on how to play this game, visit the following URL:

Just a few days ago, I had proclaimed that we'd probably all be "six feet under" before a game over 1700 points was achieved. Now it has been done, and, thankfully, we're not dead yet  :-)

I have been playing Scribble at this site for the past six years. LJ has been playing here even longer than I. We are by far the oldest Scribble "veterans" on this site, other than Tom. In those six years, I'd estimate that LJ and myself have played upwards of 3000 games, if not more. This game will forever represent the culmination of all our efforts. Quite simply, it will never, ever, ever, *ever* be broken. Never. Ever.  :-)

I don't know what's left to say -- as LJ proclaimed, "We can both die happy now".   :-)   Originally, I had planned to "retire" if a 1700+ score was ever reached, thinking that it was impossible. But I can't just abandon this site after all these years. We'll still be here, though playing the games will probably never be as exciting again, since we know there's no chance we'll ever break this score.

That's all. My apologies for this long "essay", but such a score deserves such an egotistical rant and rave. Simply amazing. We made history tonight.

Lastly, I just want to thank Tom for making this site.  :-)   We'll see you on the boards!

-= Mike (DeLorean) =-