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[35359] by "Tom 7" (   on Sun 18 Apr 2004 09:14:13     reply ] [ up ]
Very insightful, Nick. Indeed, I have often referred to scribble (and the other games, though scribble has had the most extreme outcomes) as an experiment. I am often fascinated by the societal structures and rules that are built out of single line text messages and a 15x15 board, which you so aptly describe. I don't consider the consequences necessarily negative.

I do care about people having fun, though. Any suggestions?
re: To Tom:
[35362] by "deni" (   on Sun 18 Apr 2004 09:34:05     reply ] [ up ]
Thanks for your insight, Nick. So, you aren't the troll I thought you were last night?  Not that the play you made was terrible; I set it up... it just wasn't the 8-letter word posted in chat.  And that seems to be the crux of the game, we accept the people who do as we expect.  

As a social experiment, I think this game has evolved just as society has -- whatever the "group think" is the norm, whether it is wrong or right.  

I have been curious, too... is this experiment part of ongoing research in a psychological or sociological project?

I have been frustrated on these boards; frustrated by newbies, trolls and experts alike -- even by Tom, who blithely tells folks to play "any way you like".  

I have had immense fun on these boards, too.  I particularly like it when I am playing with OttO.  I yelled at teddy in the beginning, but once I sent him an online wordfinder he became a respectable player -- indeed, being accepted on the "expert" boards before I was (but then, I had unknown strikes against me just being a webbie!).

I don't like playing the "expert" boards.  I will pop in there when I realize someone appears to have no-one to play with, but it is not really my cuppa.  I would ask the experts that, when they are slumming in the lower boards, please don't make a play that you wouldn't play on your own boards.  We may not be shooting for 1800, but there are many folks playing cooperatively that care about the set-ups.

I don't understand why 15-letter words are 'illegal'.  It seems to take a lot more strategy to set that up than to plop 10 letters into an anagramer.  Anagramming takes no strategy -- unless you are a webbie who is trying to use one online and get back before you time out!  I figured out how to do it, and I was deemed "acceptable".  Well, that, and I am great at set-ups -- TLS's are my favorite squares!  Experts: if you want that 1800, ya need to better utilize those TLS's (I heard that scoff!).  

I seem to be rambling, but I've said my peace.

Thanks again, Nick.
re: To Nick
[35370] by "BB" (   on Sun 18 Apr 2004 15:13:23     reply ] [ up ]

I totally agree. Thank-you for posting your allegory.

I have abandoned playing on a regular basis. It used to be so much fun before The Lord of the Flies...

Too many heads on sticks...and the SOS fires are never answered.  

Thank-you for sharing,
BB (proud to be a non expert)

Non-Expert: One who does not use any anagram program or computer software to play a game.

Oops, I just put a label on myself. Ok, I'm getting away from the island. It brings out the savage in me. :-)
re: To Tom:
[35371] by "two_sense_worth" (   on Sun 18 Apr 2004 17:15:12     reply ] [ up ]
An Anagram Generator?

How Is It a Game with That?

A Speed Game?

Who Can Work It Faster?

I Was Wondering Why  Some Of The experts Made Really Bad Plays Off Of The 8 + Letter Lines...

In This Day Of Computers...They Don't Know How To Use their Own Brains.

To Me ... Fun In This Game Is The Use And Manipulation Of Words / Set-ups  With Ones Mind...Mot A Machine.

And If You Don't Use Your Brains Now...

Believe Me ...They Won't Be There Later...

As My Last 3 Plays Proved To Me...

And Scared The Hell Out Of Me For The Non-functioning That Occurred...

Enjoy It Now With Pride...While It Still Works.

re: To Tom:
[78811] by "Whit4You" (   on Tue 26 Mar 2019 17:50:22     reply ] [ up ]
wow - so many old memories come flooding back