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re: I love the buffer override plugin, but it has a problem with fl studio
[79343] by "Sophia" (   on Thu 30 Sep 2021 23:49:48     [ reply ]
I am seeing this problem using VST but not AU. I have solved it and the fix will be in future updates.

In the meantime, there is a workaround. VST session settings when they are stored in your host application's document include all of the VST plugin's "programs" as a "bank" (they borrow MIDI concepts here). We technically store our presets across these programs, but any changes you make are preserved when you switch between programs, and are saved when you save your session.  This is the background context.

The issue is that different VST hosts have different behavior with respect to recalling the active program you were using when you save your session document in them. I'm actually seeing the problem in both FL Studio and REAPER, and both of them have slightly different behavior in this regard. So the workaround is, after you load your document, switch to another program and then back to the active program you were using when you saved your document, and your settings should restore.

For the folks asking why we have released only AU and not VST for Mac, this is a big part of it. VST is woefully underspecified, so I can't even say that any of the hosts are doing the "wrong" thing, but it's just not really defined. Hunting down this stuff feels like a job, not what this project is about. AU and also VST3 are way better specifications, and if we ever support VST3, will happily do so on Mac as well as Windows, however that itself is unfortunately a big undertaking (VST3 pretty much started from scratch in its design).

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