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re: MacOS vst?
[79312] by "Sophia" (   on Fri 24 Sep 2021 20:14:32     reply ] [ up ]
You're welcome, and glad that you (and the psytrance world) are enjoying them again!

Yes we are only releasing AU for Mac at the time, discontinued VST for Mac long ago. AU allows for some functionality that the VST versions do not, it's a pain to support the woefully underspecified and under featured VST2 format, and VST3 is pretty entirely unrelated and therefore a lot of work to support (and we do Destroy FX for fun, not looking for it to feel like another job).

It kind of baffles me that Bitwig still doesn't support AU. Aside from software by Steinberg (who have a vested interest in VST), they're really the only Mac host coming from more than like a lone developer as a hobby that doesn't support AU. I would suggest prodding them to stop dragging their feet.