Super Destroy FX

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Demo of Destroy FX (by one of my freinds)
[74293] by "Anonymous" (   on Wed 11 Nov 2015 03:09:50     reply ] 
Just wanted to show you what happened when we put a harp sound through Geometer and applied Skidder to some noise.
Keep up with the great work Tom7!
dfx skidder RULES
[73969] by "Anonymous" (   on Wed 09 Sep 2015 13:58:21     reply ] 
Been using it and telling folks about it for years.  Its all over Diablo 3.  I Just went 64bit and was wondering if a 64 bit version might be coming?  Not even sure if you are still supporting this stuff, but I LOVE skidder.
No Subject (N/T)
[73952] by "Anonymous" (   on Fri 28 Aug 2015 05:58:23     reply ] 
No text.
Buffer Override
[73781] by "HolB" (   on Wed 08 Jul 2015 09:42:08     reply ] 

Nowadays, Buffer Override is still the best "Glitch Fx" tool ! I've worked a lot with it, on my first album Hol Baumann - Human (especially on Hours, Endless Park, Human, Forgotten Ritual..) but I can't use it anymore on Mac.. Will you plan to release a new version for the current daw ? Please !

[73766] by "VORTEX" (   on Sun 07 Jun 2015 01:47:17     reply ] 
Just wanted to give you guys props for the plugins. You guys are definitely heading into the right direction. I am looking forward to future plugins from you guys, free or purchase. Thanx again!!!
Transverb for ipad
[73151] by "Daniele Camarda" (   on Mon 27 Oct 2014 17:19:14     reply ] 
Hey guys, I love your plugs and I wanna ask you to think about an ios version of your plugs. Please let me know if thats something which could happeb in the future. Best.
Buffer override 64bit. I will love you forever.
[72943] by "Pocto" (   on Mon 28 Jul 2014 17:07:54     reply ] 
Hi there!

There's been a hole in my heart, and productions, since I got my new laptop and can't run Buffer Override anymore. I see you're super slowly working on 64bit versions so I'm just popping in to shout encouragements! Go you, Buffer Override forever.
Social networks and stuff
[72893] by "Wxfdswxc" (   on Tue 24 Jun 2014 08:05:56     reply ] 
Hello, I read here that you are slowly working on 64 bits versions of your plugins, that's awesome.
Can we follow you somewhere to know when something comes up?
[72871] by "Tom T." (   on Mon 16 Jun 2014 14:49:41     reply ] 
id like to donate a bit but that order thing confuses me ? order ? i'd just like to give the amount i want. please explain.
64 bit please!
[72845] by "Anne" (   on Tue 03 Jun 2014 05:58:15     reply ] 
Hi there,
Here Anne from the Netherlands. I would pay like €250 for a goodworking 64 package of my favorites. I relate a lot to the buffer override but she is gone ;-(.

(electr composer)
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