Super Destroy FX

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thanks so much :)
[72422] by "SpeakerTreatz" (   on Fri 31 Jan 2014 15:34:27     reply ] 
Hi guys, just popping in to say thanks for allowing MIDI Gator to be downloaded free.
I'm sure I'll be back for some of the others but for now, thanks a million, really useful

cheers, Gav
Love you guys (64 bit?)
[72317] by "praveen" (   on Tue 21 Jan 2014 19:45:34     reply ] 
been using transverb and geometer since their release (time flies!). Not sure if there are plans for a 64 bit version of transverb / geometer but I'm going to try and compile them myself :\ we'll see if this works...
Mac OSX 10.9
[72315] by "Anonymous" (   on Mon 20 Jan 2014 18:21:46     reply ] 
Does not recognize
Great plugins!
[72105] by "Anonymous" (   on Wed 13 Nov 2013 06:22:27     reply ] 
i Guys,

Thanks for sharing these great plugins, my personal favourite is buffer override.

Any update on a time-scale for getting 64-bit versions?  I've had to stop using the plugins for now until you can get the 64-bit versions out.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!  Lots of sonic lovin.
[72051] by "Anonymous" (   on Mon 16 Sep 2013 18:27:00     reply ] 
Hey< thanks for having he efx for downlaod. Came across it trough this article (Jon Hopkins) and will try them out soon ! Menno
[71838] by "LenB" (   on Sun 14 Apr 2013 12:31:16     reply ] 
A great set of vst's, lots of potential to exploit there. Used several in this track:
Offbeat Skidder
[71799] by "Toby A" (   on Mon 11 Mar 2013 13:24:54     reply ] 
Hi i would really appreciate some help, im trying to offset the on/off cycle on skidder; so sound is playing on the offbeat of my projects tempo, and silent on the onbeat. Im sure its something simple, but i couldn't find an answer.

loving it though.
dfxScrubby sync
[71768] by "Michael Peters" (   on Mon 11 Feb 2013 12:55:46     reply ] 
I just rediscovered dfxScrubby and still love it. However it seems it doesn't seem to sync to external sources. Is that possible? any chance to fix that?  I use it on a Windows machine inside of Plogue Bidule. I used "sync transport" as a sync source, and set scrubby to sync to that but it seems to run on its own speed. Sync transport is the standard sync source in Bidule and none of my other plugins have a problem with that. Anybody using Scrubby in Bidule?
[71569] by "cars & trains" (   on Tue 17 Jul 2012 19:01:21     reply ] 
sent you a little donation love, hope it'll help in your quest to port these incredible plugins to 64-bit. i use a bunch of them with my ableton set (and have for many years), would love to still use them when i make the switch to 64-bit!

buffer override fx
[71563] by "cyntific" (   on Sat 07 Jul 2012 21:57:46     reply ] 
Hey guys just wanted to thank you for making an awesome product in the buffer override fx.  I used it in the production of my new project "Citizens of Heaven".  It is heavily used in track 06 "Fly To The Moon".  You can check it out here:

Thanks again guys!!!
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