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Love buffer override
[78994] by "Anonymous" (   on Fri 13 Mar 2020 04:40:31     reply ] 
Like many others have stated here, when are u releasing Buffer Overide 64bit???? My favourtie buffing tool. Heres a track ive made using buffer overide to make these beats... Coming out on vinyl this year (Oct). Havent found any other tool that compares
64-bit Windows VST versions of DFX plugins and Magnus' Ambience
[78948] by "KM" (   on Sat 30 Nov 2019 03:44:49     reply ] 
I would like to ask You if there are any plans for 64-bit Windows VST versions of Your great DFX plugins especially Geometer and Transverb? I would also like to ask if You could make a 64-bit Windows VST version of Magnus' great Ambience? That would be really wonderful.
All the best,
[78903] by "Crash" (   on Fri 13 Sep 2019 23:49:59     reply ] 
Mostly use the skidder for white noise static but will be trying it on some mellow, glitchy surf music very soon, as a cymbal effect. Transverb will be fun.

These are all home recordings done in a blur over the past year or so:

New stuff will be pro mixed and mastered. Thanks for keeping this page up, over the years.

[78887] by "CJ" (   on Thu 15 Aug 2019 01:06:00     reply ] 
How is the Mac 64 bit progress going for Buffer Override? I saw you have been committing code to Sourceforge even today for it....Crossing my fingers!!
KelUnmark (N/T)
[78752] by "KelUnmark" (   on Mon 28 Jan 2019 21:33:29     reply ] 
No text.
Buffer 64bit
[78617] by "Fagin's Reject" (   on Fri 01 Jun 2018 05:52:48     reply ] 
I really miss Buffer Override, nothing compares! Please update to 64bit like Skidder, I used them together all the time. Would be very glad to pay for them too. Thanks and good luck :)
Really miss your plugins
[78367] by "LokiUK" (   on Wed 09 Aug 2017 13:34:29     reply ] 
I absolutely loved the Transverb in particular, a great tool for music and sound design.

Sadly, without 64 bit versions I can no longer use them in Logic X or other DAWs.

I know you've both probably long since moved on, but is there any chance of some 64 bit updates? Happy to pay for a bundle of your old plugins updated to this decade  ;)
No Subject
[78006] by "Cubenx" (   on Tue 25 Apr 2017 16:38:41     reply ] 
Your plug-ins are on all my early releases, would love to keep using them on new stuff. <3
64 bit Buffer Override
[77455] by "Anonymous" (   on Sun 05 Feb 2017 14:48:47     reply ] 
Buffer Override AU 64 bit PLEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!
Buffer Override !
[76816] by "OO" (   on Tue 11 Oct 2016 22:44:09     reply ] 
Please, a new version of Buffer Override ! We need it ! ^^

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