Super Destroy FX

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Used them in last livestream
[79259] by "Anonymous" (   on Sat 26 Jun 2021 00:27:21     reply ] 
Love these FX!  Used Skidder, Geometer, Transverb, and Buffer Override on my lastest weekly ambient-psych improv tune...

Thanks for this--have looked for a gapper/snipper like Skidder for a long time.  Will be using it in my tune for this week, too:
praise / brokenfft/
[79250] by "Danyyh" (   on Wed 09 Jun 2021 13:45:25     reply ] 
Long time fan first time poster.
I love Super Destroy FX!
Nothing was ever as fun and overtly experimental. My faves are Transverb and Geometer. I am ecstatic to see that y'all are back at it working on these wonderful plugins. Also, I read on github there that brokenfft exists!?!? That blew my mind! I love FFT based plugins! Is it anything like DtBlkFX? Is there any audio demo of this plugin anywhere on The Public Internet? I may explode from sheer excitement. Really happy to see y'all are back. [smiling]
Skidder Mac version has only RTF files
[79217] by "Anonymous" (   on Wed 07 Apr 2021 15:41:54     reply ] 
I may be missing something but I think something is missing. I don't see any VST or AU files in the Skidder download for Mac OS- just RTFs.
New macOS versions
[79189] by "Anonymous" (   on Mon 18 Jan 2021 18:23:47     reply ] 

these plugins look amazing! I wish I could test them all, but alas, 32 bit 👾.
I see you made shiny 2020 versions for Ambience and Freeverb, but I wasn't able to get them running. Am I guessing correctly that they're apple silicon only?

PS. Small tip for anyone wanting AU in a DAW without builtin support - ImageLine's Minihost Modular can host them as VST :)
[79179] by "tonkatim_amenkiller" (   on Sun 13 Dec 2020 23:51:20     reply ] 
is nice

thanks for the tools!
No Subject
[79043] by "nt" (   on Fri 08 May 2020 19:03:52     reply ] 
just read a kvr post stating geometer and a few others for OS X are basically done

will these be AU, VST, or both?

Beyond excited!
No Subject
[79042] by "best kisser in l.a." (   on Tue 05 May 2020 11:43:28     reply ] 
we've used your plugins in every track we've ever made - thank you both so much
64 bit
[79040] by "nt" (   on Sun 03 May 2020 14:23:00     reply ] 
joining in the chant - please 64 bit versions of geometer and transverb, for osx in particular!
Love buffer override
[78994] by "Anonymous" (   on Fri 13 Mar 2020 04:40:31     reply ] 
Like many others have stated here, when are u releasing Buffer Overide 64bit???? My favourtie buffing tool. Heres a track ive made using buffer overide to make these beats... Coming out on vinyl this year (Oct). Havent found any other tool that compares
64-bit Windows VST versions of DFX plugins and Magnus' Ambience
[78948] by "KM" (   on Sat 30 Nov 2019 03:44:49     reply ] 
I would like to ask You if there are any plans for 64-bit Windows VST versions of Your great DFX plugins especially Geometer and Transverb? I would also like to ask if You could make a 64-bit Windows VST version of Magnus' great Ambience? That would be really wonderful.
All the best,
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