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[138] by "Tom 7" (   on Tue 01 Feb 2000 09:29:13     reply ] [ top ]
Hi folks!

We're testing out the new system that's running and its games. We're also testing the new rules and features of these amusements. That means you might experience instability (ie. disappearing stories) and outages as we patch. Regardless, post your thoughts here.

By the way -- it's probably possible for you guys to guess your way into unfinished areas of the site. Please *don't* do this. I'll announce stuff as soon as it's ready for general consumption; other people poking around can screw up our scripts as we're working on them, and that just means a longer wait for everyone.

How do the games work for you? Are they straightforward (even without the documentation -- which is coming) to play? Are any intimidating? What would you like to see added? What kind of games do you like best (word games/writing games/novelty/other)? Is anything missing from the old that you want to see again? Anything you *don't* want to come back?


- Tom 7