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re: alpha test
[181] by "dragonfly99" (   on Sun 06 Feb 2000 18:20:26     reply ] [ up ]
Where's SICO? Please return him/her/it to its rightful owners. I have been anxiously awaiting it's return. Any clues?
re: alpha test
[187] by "Henry KYHO" (   on Mon 07 Feb 2000 11:22:00     reply ] [ up ]
One thing: Scribble, while a great game, used to take ages to update due to the graphics on the tiles. While I now have a better PC, might it be an idea to have a 'no-frills' basic option, with just the text? This might make life more fun for ppl out there. I used to find that I would go to a game, then it would be locked in the time it took to D/L
re: alpha test
[208] by "King_Nitram" (dialup-   on Thu 10 Feb 2000 19:28:01     reply ] [ up ]
Great to see this site is back! There were plenty of great things on the old site I would love to see return, but it's been so long I've forgotten most of them.

What about the random haiku generator? And the book of infinite knowledge? It would also be great to see some of the humorous articles you used to have, like "how to annoy people" etc.

I deffinitely prefer the humorous/novelty content to the other stuff, but it's all good.
re: alpha test
[79577] by "Anonymous" (   on Wed 18 Jan 2023 08:53:34     reply ] [ up ]
hi! nice, hope everything is done now!