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Scribble, 22 Years Later!
[79085] by "Mikeâ„¢" (   on Tue 26 May 2020 01:22:58     reply ] [ top ]
Hi Tom and others, just visited this site for the first time in years, reading some of my old message board posts.

This is Mike, also used to go by DeLorean before 2003 or so. Amazing that this place is still around. I first started playing Scribble here in 1998 as a 19-year-old college sophomore... and later this year, I'll be 41 years old. Time flies. More or less stopped playing around 2007 I think, when getting increasingly higher scores became nearly impossible.

Just curious to see if anyone from this site's ancient days see this or are still around. Laura (LJ), Teddy, Deni, Curtis, Whit, Nick, Michelle (MJ), BadPenny, Cathy, even Tom himself. Probably missing a few names there, forgive me, it's been 22 years!  :-)

Anyway, hope all is well, especially during the pandemic. Maybe we'll revisit this thread another 22 years from now. hehe.