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re: Scribble, 22 Years Later!
[79086] by "Anonymous" (   on Tue 26 May 2020 03:40:40     reply ] [ up ]
Yes I played under the nick name of Cathy then...but changed my name back to proper name of Catherine/NZ a few years ago...

I occasionally we see Teddy, more occasionally Curtis. Not seen Tom of late...or any of those others. I wonder sometimes, where they got to...

We still have the "idiots" ... but that's just how it is!

As I mentioned on one of the downtown boards, all is well in New Zealand. Our PM: Jacinda Arden and her gov't co-horts have made it happen...and whilst it might seem an odd milestone, our population grew to just 5million, as many citizens came back home...
re: Scribble, 22 Years Later!
[79125] by "Curtis" (   on Fri 14 Aug 2020 08:02:32     reply ] [ up ]
Mike! Iím still here, occasionally. I check in on Scribble to unlock the expert boards ó mostly for Catherineís sake these days ó if I notice theyíre stick for a long time. Crazy to think how long itís been. Iím 42 yo myself though I donít remember when I started playing, sometime after 2004, I think..

Hope all is well Tom, Mike, Catherine and everyone else. Kudos to you on the siteís longevity Tom.